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Switch Craft is available on Kindle, Google books, iTunes, Kobo, and Nook.

From a skirt that can streak trails of light on the dancefloor to a laptop sleeve that’s the first to know when your’re in a Wi-Fi zone, these projects are made for the wired (or wireless) world. Without sacrificing style or being more complicated than a sixth-grade science class, they integrate sewing with lights, vibrations, and sound to create edgy, attractive accessories and clothing. All is explained in clear, concise language with accompanying illustrations and photos. As for the sewing, Switch Craft, is made for someone who knows the basics, but beginners can choose one of the projects that require no sewing at all.

Switch Craft, is about independence and individuality with fashionable form and function. It’s about technology’s role in empowering women to represent their ideals however they choose. So, if you’re ready to take your crafting not only to another level but another frontier, let Switch Craft, bring your handiwork into the twenty-first century.

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Note: Page 2 is blank. It's not a bug, really.

To see more project images and sample pages, go to Switch Craft's Amazon page.

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