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Statesman Gets Switch Crafty

I am finally back from SXSW, and, as part of my trip to Austin, I met up with Marques Harper of the Austin American Statesman about the making of Switch Craft.

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Alison & Switch Craft Featured on Kurt the Cyberguy

A quick announcement: Kurt the Cyberguy, a widely syndicated tech report by Kurt Knutsson, will do a segment on Alison and Switch Craft tomorrow (February 20th). Through coast-to-coast syndication, you may be able to find it on your local morning or evening news. The stations that have been confirmed are:

CLTV, Chicago
WGN, Chicago
KWGN, Denver
KTLA, Los Angeles
WPIX, New York
KTXL, Sacramento
KSWB, San Diego
KCPQ, Seattle

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OMG! Switch-Craft is Featured on "I'm Not Obsessed"

I am giddy with pride because today Switch-Craft is featured on the magical celebrity gossip site, I'm Not Obsessed is giving the book away in a two-day contest, register now and win a free copy of Switch Craft!

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"Femme Fashion Tech" by Alison Lewis

Alison Lewis from IHeartSwitch publishes "Femme Fashion Tech," which discusses the draw of women to the fashionable technology world. The article can be found in this issue of ANAT's (Australian Network for Art and Technology) Filter magazine entitled CODING CLOTH.

The CODING CLOTH issue delves into the topics of textiles and electronics and dares to ask, 'what is the future of wearable technologies'? The journal is part of a larger exhibition of interactive textiles on display at ANAT called Coded Cloth, New Media Textile.

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Press: Switch Craft gets noticed online!

We are happy to say that Switch Craft is getting some good press online. Check out some of our favorite blogs and their views of Switch craft:

St. Louis Post-Dispatch's fashion editor is giving away the book on her blog:

Advice Sisters:

talk2myShirt blog:

Syuzi's blog:

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Alison presents Switch Craft at Dorkbots NYC

Alison will be speaking at Dorkbot in NYC Wednesday November 5th. She will be talking about her new book Switch Craft: Battery Powered Crafts to Make and Sew co-authored with Fang-yu Lin. Switch Craft is a book of 20 DIY technologically infused and inspired projects that mix sewing, soldering, electronic techniques. It is the first book whose goal is to reach a mainstream craft audience and show them the joy of working with electricity without compromising aesthetics or style.

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