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Kicking off the Web 2.0 Conference with New York Ignite, November 16th

Tomorrow night, November 16th, I have 5 minutes and 20 slides to share everything I know about creating a tech savvy DIY for a non-techy crafter. Can I do it? You’ll have to tune in find out. 

Ignite NYC VII

When: 11/16, starting @7PM
Where: New World Stages, 340 West 50th Street
What: 15 five minute presentations that geeks and techies will love
Admission: FREE

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Holiday Rejuvenation Series II - Revive your skin with Blue Light Treatments


Tired of the winter blues? Does your skin and mood need a pick me up? Use a blue light treatment, like Philips goLITE BLU Light Therapy Device or Tandas Light Therapy Treatment. This light exposure helps your body release hormones that can improve your mood and energy levels and kill nasty acne causing bacteria. Philip’s goLITE BLU and other similar light therapy treatments are specifically designed to thwart the winter blues by giving you the added benefits of the sun without the harmful UV rays. You will not get a tan, but the treatment is safe and pain free. 

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DIY Doggie Porcupine Costume up on Martha Stewart Site!

If you missed me on the Martha Stewart on Monday, the DIY Lighted Porcupine Costume segmet is up on her site! Click here to see the clip!

You can also buy the costume on Etsy for $50.  If you get it today, it should make it by Halloween! 

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Next Monday, I will be showing Martha Stewart, the mother of all craft, how to make a light up porcupine costume for her Halloween Petacular! Isaac Mizrahi is also on the show and he says "These costumes are so Paris couture like Alexander McQueen!"


You  can preview the show online here.

Monday, October 26th on NBC
Get your local show times on the Martha Stewart Site here.

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Interview on Clueless Crafter

Monday, October 29th. I had a chance to talk with the super fab Clueless Crafter, Lydia, about my home and craft. You'll find out a bit more about my grandmother and how I deal with all those LED projects and lights in my home. takes a broad look at craft in our everyday lives. Lydia's posts come from her own investigations into craft as somewhat "clueless" crafter herself who wants to know more about the benefits, processes, and the community of crafting. Over the past year the blog has expanded into helping those who want to make craft blogging their business and is a great resource for those who may feel a bit clueless themselves. 

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AOL's Lemondrop is Sweet to Girly Gadget Guru

October 7, 2009: Lemondrops' Andrea Zimmerman gets inside the head of Alison Lewis from to find out what inspires her,  how Switch got its name, and what aspiring tech-fashionistas need to know.

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Alison in Unplugged

September 10, 2009. "LED Meets DIY Decor" as IHeartSwitch and Alison were featured in Unplugged in reference to the New York Times Article.

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NY Times Before & After

I shared my redecorated living room with the NY Times recently and am really happy with the results.

Before the transformation my living room didn’t have much of a spark. In fact, for months it looked like a space I just moved into, and lacked any personal style. As a designer, I just had to do something about it.

Photo by Ryan Collerd for The New York Times

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New York Times Visit's Switch Creator, Alison Lewis

Photo by Ryan Collerd for The New York Times

September 10, 2009: Today, the New York Times posted an article about me, my home, and my affinity towards designing with electronics.

You can see the full article, by Penelope Green, here.

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ABC Local News Interview

Don Polec from the Philly local ABC news team stopped by my house last Friday to talk about Switch Craft. They have posted the video online, go check it out here!

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