Pimp My Heart - B*TCH

Sweet child o' mine, I am loving this pimped out heart necklace by T A K E H I T O / E T A N I

Takehito says the necklace is designed "to amplify the heartbeat of a car driver in real time through an interface with a beefed up car audio aftermarket system. The intervention/invention achieves an ultimate unity between car and driver.

Link Via: http://www.takehitoetani.com/hbbb.html

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Press: Switch Craft gets noticed online!

We are happy to say that Switch Craft is getting some good press online. Check out some of our favorite blogs and their views of Switch craft:

St. Louis Post-Dispatch's fashion editor is giving away the book on her blog: http://www.stltoday.com/blogzone/debs-style-file//debs-style-file/2008/1...

Advice Sisters: http://www.advicesisters.net/advicesistersblog.html

talk2myShirt blog: http://www.talk2myshirt.com/blog/archives/523

Syuzi's blog: http://www.fashioningtech.com/profiles/blogs/book-review-switch-craft

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Bubble gum pink keyboard is bad for blondes

I got an email forwarding a link to this silly bubble gum pink Keyboard for Dumb Blondes designed by blonde, Samantha Dubin. The totally kitch and somewhat funny keyboard has keys that say things like "Ooops!" for the Delete Key and "The Big One" for the Space Bar. I like the number keys, it shows some flair and it is obvious that the designer was having some fun. I can take a joke, and at first glance found this funny.

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Just Freaking Magic

In this episode Alison talks to JF Magic Founder Lee Wainwright about light up clothing and textiles and how he formed JF Magic. In the interview they discover shoes that light up with your every step, skirts that make kissy faces, purses that light up when your cell phone rings and much more.

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Alison presents Switch Craft at Dorkbots NYC

Alison will be speaking at Dorkbot in NYC Wednesday November 5th. She will be talking about her new book Switch Craft: Battery Powered Crafts to Make and Sew co-authored with Fang-yu Lin. Switch Craft is a book of 20 DIY technologically infused and inspired projects that mix sewing, soldering, electronic techniques. It is the first book whose goal is to reach a mainstream craft audience and show them the joy of working with electricity without compromising aesthetics or style.

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CES 2008: The Lost Videos

As most have you may have noticed there have been a lot of things going on behind the scenes at Switch, from hosting Myhome 2.0 to the publication of our first book Switchcraft. Piled on top of that, I packed up from New York City and moved to Philadelphia. Similar to most moves a few things were misplaced; however, like the 20 dollar bill you find in your jeans things can also magically show back up. Recently, while unpacking one of my boxes in the basement I came across a couple of videos from CES!!!

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Three Tweets for Twittering Teddy!!!

Guru Lloyd and I, from MyHome2.0, performed hours of exhausting surgery on an old teddy bear to bring you the Twittering Teddy! We converted your favorite friend into an animatronic bear that reads and speaks all your Twitter messages. Creepy? No... its CUTE!

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Interview With Brother Sewing

I interviewed June from Brother, USA at CES 2008 and got a glimpse of technological power of the modern sewing machine.



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Interview With Award Winning Fashion Designer, Angel Chang