Lessons from My Summer at Singularity University

After a full summer and a couple of weeks of veggin' out with my SU friends, I am totally inspired. To keep me on track, I have come up with a set of laws to help guide me through my next life adventure:


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Singular Blonde: Last Week Preparations

(2:30 a.m. Sunday Night)

It's the last week of Singularity University. We've been working in our individual group projects around the clock for three weeks. I am a part of the UpCycle group which is working to reduce waste and look at waste as valuable opportunity. 


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Singular Blonde: Social Attack of Telepresence Robot

Last week, at SU, one of my team members (Let's call him Robot Brad) logged into a webpage from a remote location and visited us at Singularity. He wondered the halls and talked to us through the Willow Garage Telepresence robot called Texai.

I caught the robot invasion on video below: 


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