Have a Tron Inspired Holiday

Tonight, one of the greatest cult fashion technology films is coming back to the big screen. TRON (insert dramatic sound here), is returning with a cast of super sexy sci-fi characters, inspirational lighted costumes, and a digital covered in electroluminescent wire and backlighting.

If you are feeling left out, or just want to light up your holidays with electronic pulse, put on one of Opening Ceremony's Tron-inspired fashions. Disney collaborated with OC to bring high-tech aesthetics and futuristic designs to the fashion forward.

 If you fancy some real light in your life, then make this DIY EL Wire Tron Bag made by the amazing LadyAda and Becky Stern for CraftMag. It is just the spice you need to light up the night. >


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Drumbeat Festival: Part 1 - Let's Play Together!

My time at the Mozilla Drumbeat Festival is a three-part story about the supportive open-source community, the passion for free learning, and opportunities for change in the midst of extreme personal loss.

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Switch Craft at the Mozilla’s Drumbeat Science Fair November 3rd

The steady beat of open source learning has called me to beautiful Barcelona this week for Mozilla’s 2010 Drumbeat Festival.

I'll be speaking about the methodology behind Switch Craft and the empowering possibilities of fashion-based projects as an entry point for igniting that tech spark! 

Mozilla’s Science Faire

On Wednesday, November 3, 8:30 - 11pm

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Maker Fair NYC: Fabric.it

Despina Papadopoulos and Zach Eveland at Maker Faire NYC showed off Fabrick.it, a set of sewable and snapable electronic modules for creating interactive fashions and wearable prototypes. The fabrick.it collection includes a removable, rechargeable Coin Cell Battery Brick, x-LED Brick with built-in resistor, and a Snap Connector Brick which makes connections fast and easy. The modules are connected with a washable and sewable 3-wire conductive fabric ribbon.

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Nokia's Electronic Skin

Dr. Stephanie Lacour of the Nokia Research Centre in Cambridge is working to make a “stretchable electronic skin.” Some may see this as a new form of wearable cellphone, but I see it as gateway to interchangeable mobile accessories. Imagine switching your service or generating content just by moving and/or exchanging a fashionable pair gloves.

Via: Ecouterre

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Spray-On Clothing. Good Idea. Horrible Name

What you see above is a new product called Fabrican, an aerosol based fabric spray. This technology allows for tiny particles or fibers to be airbrushed onto the body. Once dry, it can be pealed off, washed, and worn again once.

Fabrican is the techno-baby of Manel Torres, a Spanish fashion designer and academic visitor at Imperial College and Paul Luckham, a professor of particle technology. They have been working on the product since 2003 and while it’s still in the prototyping phase, they’ve already procured patents in the US, Europe, and Asia. (Forbes)

In the beginning, Torres and Luckham milled down old fabrics and mixed the fibers with a polymer. They then added a solvent that would evaporate and dry before it hit a solid surface. The first prototypes were thin and fell a part in your hands, now the material has a feel more like suede.

If you can get past the horrible name, Fabrican can (no pun intended) change the way we use and interact with materials. It has many applications from pre-sterilized bandages to fashion.

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