Singular Blonde: Arriving at Singularity University


Above is my weekly SU Calendar

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Teen Girls Dare 2B Digitized

Singular Blonde: Unsubscribing to My Life

As I am packing up my life to head off to Singularity University this summer, I am clearing out my e-mail subscriptions and realized I am a subscription-o-holic. I have at least 45 subscriptions and that doesn't even count the junkmail! My collaborator and friend, Fang-Yu, saw my inbox and was shocked. I felt embarrassed, he must think I am a subscription whore.

This has me thinking about how my inbox subscriptions represent me as a person. My facebook, personal, work, and singularityu email inboxes all have a story to tell. 

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Partying with DaniWeb and Thoughts on Sharing My Life

Me and Eyal Akler, PR Director & Editor-in-Chief DaniWeb 

Snuggling up to DaniWeb's Founder, Dani Horowitz

On Wednesday, Girls In Tech invited me to talk about the Singular Blonde project at the "Dinner with Dani" party, thrown by the oh so brilliant and adorable Dani Horowitz of DaniWeb. We all geeked out with cute black frames, danced, drank, and talked about what's going on with the web. There was buzz about online video streaming, improving your personal brand, designing easy to use websites, and a million other topics of programming geekery. 

As I chatted with a Microsoft Evangelist (yup, that's a real title), about video content on the web, I expressed my concern about personal transparency. I am not worried about literally becoming transparent, of course, but questioning how much of my life I want to share with the world over the summer as I document my experience. 

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WTF Moments in Fashion Tech History: Christina Aguilera Edition

I Heart Switch Is Making a Change for Summer 2010

*** UDATE: June 7, 2010: Great news! The Girls in Tech organization has agreed to collaborate on the Singular Blonde Project with Switch! More to information to come! ***

There is going to be a shift in the content of Switch over the summer of 2010. Instead of the usual DIY Projects and fashion tech posts, I will be sharing my life-changing experience as I attend Singularity University. (more on singularity here) The first article is already up and from now on all the posts related to this subject will be tagged “Singularity.”

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European Pop-Star, Safura, Lights Up the Stage in Video Dress

Safura, a rising star of the European music world, will take the stage tonight at the Eurovision Song Contest wearing CuteCircuit's video gown. The dress is designed to interpret the emotion of her hit song Drip Drop and was specifically made for Safura's Eurovision performance.

The song contest will be Live on the BBC and other national channels around Europe. You can also watch it on the internet on the Eurovision website, starting at 9pm (GMT +1).

via: CuteCircuit

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Prepping for Singularity University: The Reading List

I am already preparing for a long and amazing summer at Singularity University (SU). I have my Singularity email set up, signed into our community portal, and know where I'll be living. I will be in a dormitory on the NASA Ames campus and all my sheets, pillows, and cleaning services will be provided. It's not pretty, but they've made it so we have nothing to do but work and study. I will not need to worry about whose turn it is to clean the toilet, thank God! 

At SU we will get a fast and furious education in 10 different areas of study. The 10 areas of study are: 

  • Artificial Intelligence & Robotics
  • Biotech & Bioinformatics
  • Energy & Environmental Systems
  • Finance, Entrepreneurship & Economics
  • Future Studies & Forecasting
  • Medicine & Neuroscience
  • Nanotechnology
  • Networks & Computing Systems
  • Policy, Law & Ethics
  • Space & Physical Sciences

Before I arrive, I have get up to speed on all the aforementioned subjects. To do this, we've been given a substantial reading list. I've got two weeks to become a genius. Well, maybe not, but I definitely have a lot of homework. 

After the break, I've posted some of the articles, links, and readings from the SU list. Feel free to follow along with me and add to the discussion in the comment section as I write and post about some of the articles over the next couple weeks. Be forewarned this list is LONG, I cut it down, but you still may be scrolling for a while. Enjoy!

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Fashion Made from Recycled Magnetic Tape

The London College of Fashion keeps putting out fashion super stars, the latest is designer Kai Yeung Yau. Yau's up-cycled fashions are daring works of art with geometric silhouettes, bold colors, and intricate detailing. Kai Yeung is among many designers embracing the recycling movement and using materials from abandoned technologies. (Source:inhabitat)

His thesis collection, named "A Woman Who Carried Three Generations," takes inspiration from the Hong-Kong housewives of the 60's and 70s. He loves the obvious and the kitch as you can see in his dress design, "RED A", created entirely out of plastic kitchenware, garden products, and housewares. See more in the video after the break:

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Heading to Signularity University - Need Your Support

I am off for 10-weeks to study at Singularity Unviversity starting June 19th. This is no small feat and I need your support in order to be able to document the experience.

Singularity University is on the NASA Ames Research Campus. The non-profit university, started by Dr. Peter Diamandis and Dr. Ray Kurzweil, is where the best minds from the fields of bio, nano, info, AI, and related technologies come together and work to solve some of humanity's grand challenges. These challenges include poverty, world hunger, water shortage, home energy, global warming, and an infinite number of other humanitarian needs. More on Singularity University can be found on the Singularity University website.

Being able to attend is going to be a life changing experience, but just going to the program isn't enough. There is an opportunity here for a great story about how a fashionable girl who likes art and design came to embrace computer science and technology. My journey could really help other women and girls see their potential.

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