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Tim Gunn's Fashion Critique of Female Comic Book Heroes

[Image from ComicMix.]

For all those with short attention spans, (like me), and want to get right to the Gunn - hang in there. I am going to try to make a point - I promise it will be short. If you just can't wait to see Tim Gunn, the video is after the break!

According to Wikipedia super heroes have "extraordinary powers and abilities, relevant skills and/or advanced equipment.

By definition the modern women is a super hero.

FACT 1: Super heroes overcome impossible situations daily. I know there are a lot of women and girls out there who can relate to super heroes. You both always seem to be able to get the job done even with a super villain breathing down your neck, (boss/teacher), diffuse Bombs with short time limits, (school, home, work, play), or world devastation (broken bra strap, flooded toilet, lost English paper).

FACT 2 Most Superheroes carry utility belts. To help you in your super efforts,you probably carry an arsenal of gadgets like a cell phone, laptop, or a Bluetooth device, you may even have advanced weaponry like a tazzer with 50,000 volts stopping power, or OnStar to give you help on the road with anything you need - Just like "Q" in James Bond movies.

FACT 3: Superheroes have bionic augmentation. Technology augments our senses, with glasses and contacts we are able to see better. Our cellphones allow us to talk to anyone anywhere. Advanced workout gear lets us move farther faster, specialty woven fabris protect from harm (fabrics that harden on impact), and we have even copied Aquaman by making full body suits allowing us to swim faster, (sorry nothing lets us communicate with fish yet, but I am sure there must be a talk to dolphins app somewhere!).

FACT 4: All Superheroes use great gadgetry! We carry library of knowledge at our finger-tips on kindles and in smart phones allowing us to track things with GPS, use our
cameras for video and still shot surveillance, and even listen to our favorite music while we are saving the day — every super hero needs his own theme music. 


It only stands to reason that what we wear or carry as super heroes should follow fashionable guidelines.

Don't know where to get advice on your super hero fashion? Feast your peepers on this insightful critique by Tim Gunn of female super hero costumes on the weekly web series: Crazy Sexy Geeks hosted by Alan Kistler. It's illuminating, educational, and as always - spot on!  You can find out more about Crazy Sexy Geeks on their website: ComicMix