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Balenciaga Plays with Light

Nicolas Ghesquière of Balenciaga plays with light in his spring 2009
collection and is categorized as sci-fi and futuristic. He responds to
critics saying "I don't think its futurism, I think its today." Take a peep and make up your own mind. Are the design's TODAY or TOMORROW?

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Three Tweets for Twittering Teddy!!!

Guru Lloyd and I, from MyHome2.0, performed hours of exhausting surgery on an old teddy bear to bring you the Twittering Teddy! We converted your favorite friend into an animatronic bear that reads and speaks all your Twitter messages. Creepy? No... its CUTE!

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Interview With Brother Sewing

I interviewed June from Brother, USA at CES 2008 and got a glimpse of technological power of the modern sewing machine.



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Interview With Award Winning Fashion Designer, Angel Chang