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Beauty and blogger Lauren Miller, from

I believe healthy hair and skin is the cornerstone to living and
looking beautiful. I find when my hair and skin are in balance I not
only look better but feel better as well. I am continually seeking out
a new moisturizer or a conditioner that will give my hair an
illustrious shine. I am fascinated how technologically advanced the
beauty industry has become. In response to this trend, we have decided
that Iheartswitch will begin taking a more in-depth look at all our
favorite things beauty related.

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CES 2008: The Lost Videos

As most have you may have noticed there have been a lot of things going on behind the scenes at Switch, from hosting Myhome 2.0 to the publication of our first book Switchcraft. Piled on top of that, I packed up from New York City and moved to Philadelphia. Similar to most moves a few things were misplaced; however, like the 20 dollar bill you find in your jeans things can also magically show back up. Recently, while unpacking one of my boxes in the basement I came across a couple of videos from CES!!!

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Interview With Award Winning Fashion Designer, Angel Chang