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Follow Switch on Twitter

Feeling twitterpated over Switch? Just can’t get enough news on the lifestyle for bright minded gals with a creative edge?

Well, now you can now keep up on all the latest and greatest articles, links, press, workshops, and happenings on iHeartSwitch and me, Alison Lewis, through Twitter. We’ve added a module on the homepage to keep up with tweets or you are welcome to give me a follow on Twitter, Twitter name is SwitchGirl.

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Color Changing Electronic Skins

Our readers who are old enough to remember seeing Governator's Sci-Fi movie Total Recall would recognize the animated GIF. In this scene, a bored receptionist is trying out different nail colors with a simple touch of a stylus.

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GPS Shoes for Alzheimer's Patients


Fashion technology is not all about "fashion." There are also serious use cases that may not be glamorous but serve the greater good. The just-announced GPS shoes for Alzheier's patients is one example. As you know, people suffering from Alzheier's may wander away from home and forget how to get back due to dementia. GPS shoes can help patients' families and caregivers to locate them in such a scenario.

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Alison and Switch Craft are coming to L.A. May 3 - 5

I am so excited to announce that on May 3rd, I will spend the day with the Girl Scouts of America in Los Angeles, CA.  Senior and Ambassador Girl Scouts will explore fashionable form and function and technology’s role in empowering women to represent their ideals, and will create their own Light Up Aromatherapy Drawer Sachet, from Switch Craft.

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Work Update: Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Sorry I haven’t posted in a few weeks, I’ve been  in deep with a project with Art Guild, Inc. We are fabricating and installing an exhibit for the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, designed by Jeff Kennedy Associates.

The exhibit is called Exhibition Health and is set to open on April 4th, 2008.

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High Tech gear for Olympic Fencers

This year, the Olympic fencers showed off in style and wore helmets that display the scores through LED technology. Check out the smart articles and poetic imagery as seen on Gizmodo and on Big Picture at 


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Moi for Me!

I am so excited, my lighted Moi just arrived in the mail and its
beautiful! A tiny dash of light is the perfect accent to any look and
Moi is just enough to arouse intrigue, but not overwhelm.

Moi, by Studio5050,
is a multifunctional accessory, it can be a hairpiece, necklace,
bracelet, or just hang round your purse strap as a design highlight. I
liked the amber, but the moi also comes in green or white.



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Alison presents Switch Craft at Dorkbots NYC

Alison will be speaking at Dorkbot in NYC Wednesday November 5th. She will be talking about her new book Switch Craft: Battery Powered Crafts to Make and Sew co-authored with Fang-yu Lin. Switch Craft is a book of 20 DIY technologically infused and inspired projects that mix sewing, soldering, electronic techniques. It is the first book whose goal is to reach a mainstream craft audience and show them the joy of working with electricity without compromising aesthetics or style.

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Balenciaga Plays with Light

Nicolas Ghesquière of Balenciaga plays with light in his spring 2009
collection and is categorized as sci-fi and futuristic. He responds to
critics saying "I don't think its futurism, I think its today." Take a peep and make up your own mind. Are the design's TODAY or TOMORROW?

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Organize your weblife with Lifestreaming sites

If your like me, keeping up with your daily activities not to mention the activities of all your friends online can be daunting. In order to stay fresh on the social musings of your pals you need check each social site like Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter separately . To combat this there are a number of "lifestreaming" applications one can use and download to coordinate everything in one spot.

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