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TED Conference 2010 Underway

Hi all, Alison is away right now in California to attend the annual TED (Technology, Education, Design) Conference. It is an amazing event that "bring[s] together the world's most fascinating thinkers and doers, who are challenged to give the talk of their lives (in 18 minutes)." You can keep up with what is happening at TED through its official blog and the #TED conversations on Twitter.

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Alison is the Techno-Fashionista Guru for Verizon FiOS’s MyHome2.0

(Above: Me taking a break with the cast and crew on the MyHome2.0 set in 2008)

BACK for ANOTHER EPISODE for the tech home makeover show MYHOME 2.0! I worked on 5 episodes in 2008 creating unique interactive systems, with my fellow Gurus Brian and Lloyd and made five families lives better through technology. Like before, we get only 48 hours to seamlessly mesh the new computer equipment, one-of-a kind interactive designs, and install Verizon FiOS into the newly redesigned home.

However, this season, the show has a fabulous new cast of characters. The Makeover team is now made up of a Head Guru, Scott Martian Brooks, the show Host, Tiffany Smith, Design Guru Mark Montano, a local FiOS Guru, and a Tech Guru - which is me for this episode. The Tech Guru used in the episode depends on the families needs and what type of installation they looking for. Brian is the mega metal headed mechanical technologist, Lloyd is the computer genius who can connect and code any home for an upgrade straight into the future, and then there is me, the
Techno-Fashionista, who softens everything up with personalized electronic designs that focus on aesthetics (of course!).

(Brian, Lloyd, and me hugging it out before the big reveal!)

You can watch the older episodes on Vimeo. Some of the projects you will find there include a
FiOS-Enabled Emotion Detector, an infrared digital harp, a digital Memory Wall, a whimsical PB&J Machine and more!

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Women Spend More Time Gaming Than Men! - Tiffany Lawson

Girls in Tech Conference(GIT) attendee looking surprised. Maybe they were learning about making money with online gaming? [photography:]

One of the hot topics of the GIT Conference was gaming. In the early gaming days, the majority of the players were male but that was because the developers were/are male. However, today women spend more hours per month gaming than men. In fact, the vast majority of this is due to online gaming (like Facebook and Yahoo Games). This online gaming industry is mainly women between the ages of 35 - 45 and the console players are not far behind with 40% being women with the average age being 32 (see chart below). This is a big change over the past 10 years. There is a lot of growth in this area for women because men do not know what women want or what peaks their interest.

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Guest Blogger, Tiffany Lawson from

This week, Switch welcomes Tiffany Lawson as our guest blogger from San Francisco! Tiffany is a smart and stylish account manager for, an Internet Service Provider based out of Santa Rosa, CA. She spent yesterday gathering up the latest trends, news, and topics from the Girls in Tech: Catalyst Conference and will be sharing them with Switch readers tomorrow and Friday.

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Catch me on the WURD, 900AM, tonight

Tonight on Carol's Corner on Technology, Co-hosts Lloyd Emelle and Stephanie Lowe are discussing technology gift ideas on a budget. I'll be there discussing not only gifts that you can get online or at the store, but also gifts that you can make in your spare time using supplies from your local electronics and crafts store. If you are struggling with gift ideas, this is the episode you don't want to miss!

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Lighted Wedding Dress

Photography by Michael SinterniklaasPhotography by Michael Sinterniklaas

Aloha! I am posting from the beautiful island of Kauai today where I am celebrating the wedding of my friends Julia Howe and Dekker Dryer. Julia came to me a few months ago and asked me to design her wedding dress with one special feature, it had to light up. Of course, I jumped at the chance to make a lighed wedding dress!

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Kicking off the Web 2.0 Conference with New York Ignite, November 16th

Tomorrow night, November 16th, I have 5 minutes and 20 slides to share everything I know about creating a tech savvy DIY for a non-techy crafter. Can I do it? You’ll have to tune in find out. 

Ignite NYC VII

When: 11/16, starting @7PM
Where: New World Stages, 340 West 50th Street
What: 15 five minute presentations that geeks and techies will love
Admission: FREE

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Next Monday, I will be showing Martha Stewart, the mother of all craft, how to make a light up porcupine costume for her Halloween Petacular! Isaac Mizrahi is also on the show and he says "These costumes are so Paris couture like Alexander McQueen!"


You  can preview the show online here.

Monday, October 26th on NBC
Get your local show times on the Martha Stewart Site here.

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A Bra For Homeland Security

NY Times Before & After

I shared my redecorated living room with the NY Times recently and am really happy with the results.

Before the transformation my living room didn’t have much of a spark. In fact, for months it looked like a space I just moved into, and lacked any personal style. As a designer, I just had to do something about it.

Photo by Ryan Collerd for The New York Times

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