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Rings that Vibrate and Bling - RINGLY

Welcome to 2015. This is the 10 year anniversary of and it is befitting to start with a post about wireless connected rings. The connected ring was the first thing I ever concepted back at Parsons, but it was just a dream and a hacked together RF radio design.

Now, in 2015, we have Ringly, a line of metal and stone rings that are elegant fashion jewelry, and much more. The Bluetooth connected rings vibrate and light up to notifications from your mobile phone. 

I got my ring before Christmas as a present to myself. When it arrived, the experience was like getting a gift. The product was wrapped nicely and I had to unfold the paper and open it up. Then, I pulled out a black jewelry box to see my little Ringly looking back at me. I purchased the Emerald and Gold one with a little diamond on the side. 

The jewelry box that holds the ring is actually its charger, so you don't have to figure out how to charge a tiny ring. You plug it into USB and there are two discrete metal prongs that connect the ring to the charger. It looks like a normal jewelry box. I especially adored the hand signed letter from the CEO, Christina Mercado and the gold plated metal on the USB charger. Nice touches. 

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Show Your Heart Spark for Valentine's Day

If you don't feel like wearing your heart on your sleeve this Valentines Day, try wearing it as a necklace.

Eric Boyd of Sensebridge, designed this wonderful heart-shaped circuit that blinks with the beating of your heart. It reads from a Polar transmitter that you wear around your chest and shares your most intimate biological information with anyone watching. 

The Heart Spark V1.0 is being sold at a trial price of $69 plus shipping & handling, you can purchase it here:

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Light Up Snowflake Ornament by Syuzi

Get your holiday started right by beading a beautiful LED snowflake ornament by Syuzi Pakhchyan. This project is perfect for jewelry buffs and those who like details and shiny things.

You can find the tutorial on Syuzi's site, fashioning technology.

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Dos and Don'ts of Everyday Techno Fashion

I saw this post on Frisky about the NY Times article and noticed the comments about how bright my necklace is. I just had to let people know that I AGREE!

Photo by Ryan Collerd for The New York Times [Left] Photo from my iPhone [Right]

In the photo from the NY Times, it looks like I am wearing a super bright fantastic necklace, but in real life it just isn’t that intense. I make it brighter for events or PR, because well, it's pretty and the shadows casted are interesting.

For me, technology is about subtle hints and hues, not about a blinking ravers’ paradise on my body. Just because its electronic, doesn’t mean all rules of fashion should be thrown out. And, for those of us who love technology accents, we need to recognize that the fashion world is not comfortable with wearable light shows, unless they are on the runway. To help demonstrate this idea I have put together a short list of a glamour girls dos and don’ts with electronic clothing and accessories for everyday wear - stress on the word “everyday.” 

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DIY LED Necklace by Diana Eng

Innovative Women: Brynn Hudson's Travel Iron

(Video above) Press & Go Iron from iHeartSwitch on Vimeo.

Brynn Hudson, a jewelry designer from Maplewood, New Jersey, shows off her idea for a Press & Go Travel Iron to You can take it anywhere and spot press your clothes on the go with no fuss, no mess, and no wires!

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Kyeok Kim's Second Skin Jewelry

Jewelry designer Kyeok Kim plays with the relationship between ornamentation and the body, allowing colorful light to cascade over the skin or leaving impressions of text on the body.

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Pimp My Heart - B*TCH

Sweet child o' mine, I am loving this pimped out heart necklace by T A K E H I T O / E T A N I

Takehito says the necklace is designed "to amplify the heartbeat of a car driver in real time through an interface with a beefed up car audio aftermarket system. The intervention/invention achieves an ultimate unity between car and driver.

Link Via:

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