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MIDI Controller Jackets Joystick Hoodies

DVF and Google Glass - It's not about the glasses

The thing about fashion and technology is that it isn't about the technology at all. It is about sharing, augmenting, and expressing who we are as human beings. Technology is a tool, albeit sometimes a powerful tool, but it is not a replacement for what is in our hearts and what we desire. 

So when Diane Von Furstenberg put Google Glasses on her team and models this year, this was something I had to see.  I'll be the first to admit, I was skeptical seeing Google Glass on the runway. The glasses look frumpy and cold. But, a look past the ugly frames of technology and you can find inspiration. Watch below. 

‎"When I was younger, I didn't know what I wanted to do, except the woman I wanted to be. I wanted to be on the go, and to be able to pay my own bills and I so much wanted to be independent. My goal in life is to tell every girl, every woman, that they can be the woman they want to be" - Diana Von Furstenberg.

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Wearable Fitness Coach

Electricfoxy's done it again!

"Fitness and fashion technology come together in Move, a body-tracking garment that can tell when you're slouching and when you're stretching."

via cnet

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Gucci Fashion Inspires Automotive Design

Gucci's recent collaboration with Fiat to promote the new Fiat 500 is an excellent example of how the world of technology and the world of art & design can merge to create something innovative and beautiful!

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Presence of Heart Dress Lights up SXSW

Austin, TX - SXSW (March 12, 2012) – Agent of Presence, a new innovative fashion design firm, has created a heart-sensing dress that displays the wearer’s heartbeat as light and sends the beat wirelessly to mobile devices.

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Giles for LG’ 3D glasse

Giles Deacon has solved the ‘ugly 3D viewing glasses’ problem with his latest venture with LG. Via: Harper's BAZAAR

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BurdaStyle & Etsy Fashion Show/Contest


Want to see men falling at your feet while your turn down the volume?

ZIP by Jennifer Darmour of ElectricFoxy is a sexy tailored jacket with a zipper controlled volume control for your ipod, earbuds in the collar, and form fitting device holder. Future iterations will have the ability to skip tracks, pause, play and browse through the actions in our clothing. This is another advanced prototype from

I can't wait to see more, but Ms. Electricfoxy feels that the mainstream fashion world just isn't ready for electronic fashion. "Very few wearable technology projects successfully target consumers outside of the sports, medical and military fields. We are just not there yet. The project (Zip) aims to generate market desirability for a wide variety of people to use in everyday life" says Jennifer.

All I know is that with style like this, Katy Perry, and Lady Gaga leading the way, I think 2011 just may be end up being the year for techno fashion. In fact, I am counting on it. For order inquiries, please contact: :

If you cannot see the video above, click here: ZIP from Dos Rios on Vimeo.


Thanks for sharing Jennifer! Awesome work!

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Switch Craft at CES MommyTech Fashion Show!

At 6:00 PM on Friday, January 7, at the Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas Switch Craft's very own Shiny Clutch hits the runway at the CES MommyTech Event! Find out more here:

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Have a Tron Inspired Holiday

Tonight, one of the greatest cult fashion technology films is coming back to the big screen. TRON (insert dramatic sound here), is returning with a cast of super sexy sci-fi characters, inspirational lighted costumes, and a digital covered in electroluminescent wire and backlighting.

If you are feeling left out, or just want to light up your holidays with electronic pulse, put on one of Opening Ceremony's Tron-inspired fashions. Disney collaborated with OC to bring high-tech aesthetics and futuristic designs to the fashion forward.

 If you fancy some real light in your life, then make this DIY EL Wire Tron Bag made by the amazing LadyAda and Becky Stern for CraftMag. It is just the spice you need to light up the night. >


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