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Lab 1.0 Fashion Innovation Event Tonight!

Switch Embassy will be part of the Lab 1.0 innovation event by Panasonic today. As part of the event, I (Alison Lewis) will be live on stage inventing on the fly with Bill Webb from Huge design.

The challenge is to come up with a wearable design of a secret object only revealed on stage. While the majority of the event is focused on wearables in the workplace, I plan to represent identity, discovery, emotional connection and fashion. Can't wait! 

Here is the event link and details:
February 24, 2015
PCH/Highway 1
135 Mississippi St.
San Francisco, CA

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Barbie Lights up the Toy Fair in LED Dress

The Barbie Digital Dress Doll hit the New York Toy Fair last week and my inbox and Facebook went wild with excitement and sharing. 

The dress is black with the latest touch-screen technology that allows girls to create and select their own animated digital designs to appear on her dress.

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Heartbeat Dress at Studio64!

I am showcasing the Presence of Heart Dress for Studio64, a San Francisco Fashion Technology Event at Club Temple. If you can't make it, please be sure to check out the beauitful photos of the dress by Wonwoo Lee the heartbeat dress site:

Event Information: 


Wednesday, September 26, 2012 from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM (PDT)

San Francisco, CA

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Presence of Heart Dress Lights up SXSW

Austin, TX - SXSW (March 12, 2012) – Agent of Presence, a new innovative fashion design firm, has created a heart-sensing dress that displays the wearer’s heartbeat as light and sends the beat wirelessly to mobile devices.

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TEDYou 2011 Talk on Fashion and Technology


In February, I shared my passion for the integration of fashion and technology with the TED audience at the TEDYou Stage in Palm Springs. During my talk I wore a light up jacket that was made from hacking Eric's HeartSpark necklace. The jacket was beaded with lights that blinked in rhythm with my heartrate in real time.

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Future Fashion Hack Workshop at eTech Ohio!

Think Project Runway is hard? Try hacking your clothes with technology in 6 hours!  

On February 1st, watch live as I challenge 14 fashion students from the Fort Hayes Metropolitan Education Center to hack their clothes with technology at eTech Ohio. With only 6 hours and no prior knowledge of technology, Juniors and Seniors will instruct and learn how to infuse technology such as conductive thread, fabric, fiber optics, wires, and sewable LEDs into garments.

The designs will be showcased on the catwalk prior to the keynote event on the 2nd. Don't Miss it!

If you want to keep up on the play by play action, be sure to follow the conference on Twitter @ohioetc

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Switch Craft at CES MommyTech Fashion Show!

At 6:00 PM on Friday, January 7, at the Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas Switch Craft's very own Shiny Clutch hits the runway at the CES MommyTech Event! Find out more here:

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Drumbeat Festival: Part 1 - Let's Play Together!

My time at the Mozilla Drumbeat Festival is a three-part story about the supportive open-source community, the passion for free learning, and opportunities for change in the midst of extreme personal loss.

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European Pop-Star, Safura, Lights Up the Stage in Video Dress

Safura, a rising star of the European music world, will take the stage tonight at the Eurovision Song Contest wearing CuteCircuit's video gown. The dress is designed to interpret the emotion of her hit song Drip Drop and was specifically made for Safura's Eurovision performance.

The song contest will be Live on the BBC and other national channels around Europe. You can also watch it on the internet on the Eurovision website, starting at 9pm (GMT +1).

via: CuteCircuit

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Robot Wedding, Would You Say I Do?

This robot can perform a marriage ceremony and look good doing it. It is kind of a Metropolis-Honda vs table centerpiece look.

"The i-Fairy is a 4 foot tall robot which officially pronounced Satoko Inoue and Tomohiro Shibata man and wife. The robot is made by Kokoro Ltd, of which Inoue is an employee and Shibata, a client. Since the couple believed that the robot was responsible for their meeting, they wanted it to preside over their wedding." via-PSFK

Satoko and Tomohiro have given their robot the responsibility of creating a legal bond between them. One of the most important decisions they'll ever make. It makes me wonder, shouldn't it also look the part? When thinking about the future, at what point do you think that robots will develop a sense of taste and decorum appropriate to the events they attend and in this case, administer?

Video after the break

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