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Rings that Vibrate and Bling - RINGLY

Welcome to 2015. This is the 10 year anniversary of and it is befitting to start with a post about wireless connected rings. The connected ring was the first thing I ever concepted back at Parsons, but it was just a dream and a hacked together RF radio design.

Now, in 2015, we have Ringly, a line of metal and stone rings that are elegant fashion jewelry, and much more. The Bluetooth connected rings vibrate and light up to notifications from your mobile phone. 

I got my ring before Christmas as a present to myself. When it arrived, the experience was like getting a gift. The product was wrapped nicely and I had to unfold the paper and open it up. Then, I pulled out a black jewelry box to see my little Ringly looking back at me. I purchased the Emerald and Gold one with a little diamond on the side. 

The jewelry box that holds the ring is actually its charger, so you don't have to figure out how to charge a tiny ring. You plug it into USB and there are two discrete metal prongs that connect the ring to the charger. It looks like a normal jewelry box. I especially adored the hand signed letter from the CEO, Christina Mercado and the gold plated metal on the USB charger. Nice touches. 

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Wearable Fitness Coach

Electricfoxy's done it again!

"Fitness and fashion technology come together in Move, a body-tracking garment that can tell when you're slouching and when you're stretching."

via cnet

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My Big Fat Electric Wedding Dress

The hit UK documentary series My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding has come to this side of the Atlantic, currently showing on TLC. The series offers a rare glimpse into the traditionally secretive Irish traveller community. Despite the show title, Irish travelers are not related to the Romani people. Misnomer or not, I found the series a compelling watch. How can it not with colorful dresses like these:

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Future Fashion Hack Workshop at eTech Ohio!

Think Project Runway is hard? Try hacking your clothes with technology in 6 hours!  

On February 1st, watch live as I challenge 14 fashion students from the Fort Hayes Metropolitan Education Center to hack their clothes with technology at eTech Ohio. With only 6 hours and no prior knowledge of technology, Juniors and Seniors will instruct and learn how to infuse technology such as conductive thread, fabric, fiber optics, wires, and sewable LEDs into garments.

The designs will be showcased on the catwalk prior to the keynote event on the 2nd. Don't Miss it!

If you want to keep up on the play by play action, be sure to follow the conference on Twitter @ohioetc

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Have a Tron Inspired Holiday

Tonight, one of the greatest cult fashion technology films is coming back to the big screen. TRON (insert dramatic sound here), is returning with a cast of super sexy sci-fi characters, inspirational lighted costumes, and a digital covered in electroluminescent wire and backlighting.

If you are feeling left out, or just want to light up your holidays with electronic pulse, put on one of Opening Ceremony's Tron-inspired fashions. Disney collaborated with OC to bring high-tech aesthetics and futuristic designs to the fashion forward.

 If you fancy some real light in your life, then make this DIY EL Wire Tron Bag made by the amazing LadyAda and Becky Stern for CraftMag. It is just the spice you need to light up the night. >


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Book: Functional Aesthetics by Sabine Seymour


My good friend Sabine Seymour, author of Fashionable Technology, has come out with a new book called Functional Aesthetics: Visions in Fashionable Technology.  It is full of examples of state-of-the art projects that intersect fashion, design, technology and aesthetics.

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Having Fun at NASA Ames

My friend from SU sent this to me today. But, I want to say, that NASA IS NOT LAME!

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Inights on Girls in Technology with Tom Wujec

Last Saturday, we all gathered around and listened intently to Tom Wujec, Autodesk Fellow and creative engieer, about how to visualize our ideas and synthesize innovation. It was amazing! After the workshop, a few of us talked to Tom about his feelings on technology and innovation. The result was an hour long conversation and insight to what we need to do to empower women to get passionate about technology. Watch, listen, and learn:


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3D Printed Legs for Amputees Rock!


After a full day of lectures and yoga I attended a talk by Scott Summit from I was wowed by the beautiful 3D printed prosthetics for amputees. The limbs are created by scanning a person's un-injured body part and then that data is used to print a highly personalized prosthetic limb. Talk about on-demand body parts! 

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Historical Female Scientist Wallpaper

Article first published as Grow House Grow Wallpapers on Technorati.

There is nothing like uncovering history in your walls. Or in the case of Katie Deedy, covering your walls with history. Whatever the case, you'll love Katie Deedy's new Naturalist wall paper collection. Deedy, of Grow House Grow, presented her inspiring collection wallpapers at BKLYN Designs 2010 last week.

Like all of her work, this collection is narrative-based with stories that accompany each design. In this year's Naturalist collection, she is inspired by historical female scientists.

Some of the  scientists she's chosen to explore are Mary Treat (1830-1923), a lover of carnivorous botanicals, Mary Ward (1827-1869) a women with a passion for microscopy in insects, and Jeanne Villepreux-Power (1794-1871) who invented the world's first aquarium.

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