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Support The Open Source Loom OSLOOM

One of the things I love about the online crafting and the DIY community is our ability to help each other. Right now, a good friend is working on an amazing project to make an open source jacquard loom. What this means is that the software and hardware to control the loom will be designed for the general public and free for all. This technology can help craftsman in developing countries, give artists and local fashion designers control over their own woven designs, and give educational institutions the ability to afford and customize a loom to their needs. This idea is revolutionary.

Be a part of the OSLOOM revolution! Go to Kickstarter, and support OSLOOM. There are some really great prizes for donating to this cause. (more after the break)

Some of my favorite pledge prizes are:

  • 1 laser cut cardboard loom (aprox. 8" x 8") (pledge of  $15 or more)
  • 1 laser cut backstrap loom (pledge of $75 or more)
  • 3 yards of one custom designed textile print custom designed print pattern around your very own sent in imagery.(pledge of  $300 or more)

You can find more information on OSLOOM on their website: and if you have any questions please email Margarita directly at: