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Singular Blonde: Last Week Preparations

(2:30 a.m. Sunday Night)

It's the last week of Singularity University. We've been working in our individual group projects around the clock for three weeks. I am a part of the UpCycle group which is working to reduce waste and look at waste as valuable opportunity. 


My sub-group is called FRE3DOM. Our goal is to print parts we need from waste using sustainable materials such as bio-plastics in 3D printers. 

Here are some photos of our brainstorming and presentation planning after the break. 

(walls of post it notes)



(Our vision for the future for Fre3dom: manufacturing on-site with additive manufacturing (also called 3D printing), distribution of materials through the internet cloud instead of transportation, use of waste streams as resource for the materials that are 3D printed)



(four scenarios on the future of waste)


I'm rooting for you!


Friday, September 3, 2010 - 09:46

Hang in there, Alison! Go, go go!

Thursday, September 2, 2010 - 13:42