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Renewing My Passion with iheartswitch

Dear Switch Readers,

When Switch started in 2005, the premise was to inspire women and girls to work with technology and give a voice to those who are changing the way we live, work, and play through unique products and projects with a female focus. Most of the pieces have focused on my love of fashion technology, a.k.a. "wearable technology."  Now, in 2014, you can hardly go a day without a new wearable device popping up on your mobile newsfeed. It's the hottest trend in tech and it's buzzing everywhere from Silicon Valley to Paris, from Intel to Ralph Lauren.  

While all the "buzz" was going on, I started a fashion technology company, Switch Embassy. I’ve been deep in the throes of the daily entrepreneurial grind. I let take a backseat and pitching investors or potential clients take over my attention. I have learned so much and it has been somewhat unsatisfying without you, Switch Reader.

What's the point of learning all these amazing things and going through the work and hardship, if I can't share it with others who can learn from it? 

In my race to make the best company and innovative products, I gave up the thing that I love. I had forgotten that my work had any influence and felt lost in the deluge of all the other wearable excitement. For this, I apologize.

I was reminded of my passion to share a number of times, over the past two years. It wasn't until a young woman named Thea Koullias, from Jonlou, approached me at  Wearable World and said to the man I was talking to, "Don't know you know who this is? Alison, I've read all your blogs and watched your videos! You're one of the reasons you got into this [fashion technology]."

I was humbled.

Today, I hope you will welcome back spontanous blog posts from On top of the wearable technology and passion projects, I will share the ups and downs of starting a company as a “designy" woman in a very "techy," male-dominated world. 

All my Love,