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Moonlit Holiday

This holiday season give the gift of light with the Moonlit Flower.
This sparkling project is kindly shared with us by Korean designer Ji
Sun Lee who created Tech D.I.Y.,a place where Moms and Kids Make and Learn Together. If you love this
project, be sure to sample the other fun D.I.Y.’ s like the Christmas
Tree or the Super IPod at


Moonlit flower is a really fun project to do with your friends or loved ones before the holidays or given as a kit to make together after, either way its sure to lift anyone’s holiday spirits. This flower can be a wearable accessory, a sparking bow for your presents,or ornaments for the tree.

Get started today and follow the steps below, or If your feeling a bit strapped for time you can purchase the kit from Etsy.


How to Make the Moonlit Flower:
1. The first thing we need to do is to cut the flowers and a wrapper for a battery holder using templates. You can download the template pdf file in below URL or if you buy the kit it will be included inside the kit. Moonlit Flower Template download

2. Fold the petal section of the sheet and sew to make the shape of the flower. You need to sew all sections of each petal. Attach the two flower pieces and sew them together in the middle. Make sure that you stagger the flowers so the creases are offset and they look more like real flowers.

3. You’ll see the LED has a short and long leg. Make sure the long leg touches the plus side of the battery and the short leg touches the minus side. The long leg should not touch the short leg.(See instruction #5) Make two little holes and insert the LED in the middle of the flower.

4. Here is a wrapper of grey felt for a battery holder. We need to attach the battery holder to the felt. Using the template of the wrapper, find the place you will attach the battery holder. Using a hot glue gun, attach the battery holder on the felt.

5. Push the long leg of the LED into the hole of the positive lead of
the battery holder. Next, bend the negative leg of the LED
perpendicular (90 degrees) to the positive leg. We will connect a snap
later to the short leg and the negative lead of the battery holder also
will be connected with the other snap to touch the negative side of the



6. Twist the long leg, which is connected to the positive lead of the battery holder, and attach firmly. Then sew it using conductive thread. In the same way, twist the short leg, and sew it using conductive thread as well. Don’t cut the thread, we will attach a snap in the next

7. Sew continuously toward the folded side of the felt and then attach a snap with the conductive thread. So, the negative leg of the LED is connected to the snap.

8. Right now, we will connect the negative lead to the other snap. Tie
the conductive thread through the hole of the negative lead of the battery holder and then, using the thread, sew toward the round side of the felt. You need to be careful so that the thread does not touch both the positive and negative legs of the LED.

9. At the end of the round side of the felt, attach the opposite side of the snaps using the thread, so that the snap is connected to the negative lead of the battery holder. Then, fold the square side of the felt and glue it. The (-) snap can’t touch the (+) side of the battery. Also, you might need to glue of the petals and the wrapper to attach strongly.

10. Insert the 3v coin battery into the battery holder toward the positive side which is facing up.

* Tip for changing a battery:
You can use the new battery, CR2032. If you push the steal panel of the battery, the battery will spring out and you can then insert a new battery into the holder.

When you close the snaps, see the lights turn on!

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That's very beautiful.

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