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LadyAda Makes Wired Magazine. What took so long?

I walked by the news stand this morning and saw a familiar face. Ms. Limor Fried was there looking back at me with a strong and powerful glance on the cover of Wired Magazine. Amazingly, according to Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories, this is the first time a female engineer has been featured on the cover. 

I met Limor 5 years ago at Maker Faire when the DIY movement officially took off. She walked by me in the hotel and made a joke about finding her room number by the binary code. My room number is "11101001" she said. Well, OK, I don't remember the exact binary code, but you get the idea.

Right then, I valued her candor, geeky humor, intelligence, and gusto. Limor is a woman with no fear of being herself and sharing what she loves with everyone. I've since run into her a few times over the years and have always been impressed with her dedication and craft of making and sharing.

LadyAda, as she's called, runs AdaFruit Industries, a virtual candy store of open hardware kits and electronic goodies. Ms. Fried also hosts a weekly open hardware chat every Saturday night at 10pm EST on Ustream. Be sure to tune in, here is the link to the Adafruit Ustream Channel.

Congrats Limor! We adore you! 



I want to make a comment. The DIY Revolution started years ago, Wired is behind the times on this one. However, I am hopeful that the world will see this and the movement can flourish!

Alison Lewis

Monday, March 21, 2011 - 16:29