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The IT Crowd - A Nerdy British Comedy

If you like geeky British guys working in the basement of a corporate office run by an narcissistic idiot, then you are ready for The IT Crowd.

The British based comedy, created by "Father Ted's" Graham Linehan, is over the top silly foolishness that mocks our internet addictions, technological ignorance, and the social ineptitude of nerds. The story centers around an IT support staff working in the forgotten dingy basement of a large corporation called Reynholm Industries. Jen (the dimwit), who doesn't know a keyboard from a mouse pad, is brought in to run the IT support department which consists of Moss (the geek) and Roy (the slob). 

The show is now in its fourth season and has a cult following. NBC apparently attempted to bring it over to the US, but the idea didn't fly, and the show was subsequently aborted with abundant cheers from its followers. You can watch the show online through Netflix, on Channel 4's website (with some IT help), or on the Independent Film Channel (IFC). 

Don't miss their spoof on Facebook in the episode Friendface, the exploitation of nerds in the episode Calendar Geeks, and find out what happens when a moron holds the internet in the palm of her hand in the episode Speech.


I love that serie !!! it's funny and nerd jajaja

Friday, November 20, 2009 - 23:00