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Holiday Rejuvenation Series II - Revive your skin with Blue Light Treatments


Tired of the winter blues? Does your skin and mood need a pick me up? Use a blue light treatment, like Philips goLITE BLU Light Therapy Device or Tandas Light Therapy Treatment. This light exposure helps your body release hormones that can improve your mood and energy levels and kill nasty acne causing bacteria. Philip’s goLITE BLU and other similar light therapy treatments are specifically designed to thwart the winter blues by giving you the added benefits of the sun without the harmful UV rays. You will not get a tan, but the treatment is safe and pain free. 

For treating acne, there is the Tanda Light Therapy Treatment, which boasts some significant results for mild to moderate breakouts. The Tanda technology carries a hefty tag of $250 and is only at Sephora. Is it worth it? That really depends on your budget and how good you are at following directions. After using the product, it helps clear mild acne in a few days, while moderate acne may take 4-12 weeks before seeing results. Whatever you decide, know that a lack of results usually stems from misuse of the product. Read and follow the instructions correctly to get the best results for your skin type.

If you are unsure about at-home treatments and want a professional touch, clinical treatments are a very popular alternative. The office treatments are usually combined with skin agents to treat acne, skin discoloration, or even help Actinic Keratosis. The cost is $75-$200 per 20-minute session and most patients are asked to go 2 times a week over a period of three weeks. The treatment in a clinic, while still painless, is strong enough to make your skin sensitive to all forms of light. It is usually advised you wear sunscreen for a couple days following blue light therapy.

As always, do your research before starting any type of skin treatment like this one. Here are a number of links to help you get started.If you try out one of the products above, let us know by leaving a comment on this page. Keep warm and stay clear of winter blues!

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