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Guest Blogger, Tiffany Lawson from

This week, Switch welcomes Tiffany Lawson as our guest blogger from San Francisco! Tiffany is a smart and stylish account manager for, an Internet Service Provider based out of Santa Rosa, CA. She spent yesterday gathering up the latest trends, news, and topics from the Girls in Tech: Catalyst Conference and will be sharing them with Switch readers tomorrow and Friday.

Tiffany, who was a bit skeptical before working at an Internet Service Provider (ISP), has found herself surprisingly intrigued by what technology has to offer.  She wants girls and women to know “there is so much more to technology than the stuck behind the computer development aspect. There are marketing, sales, customer care and so many more opportunities that are developing as the industry continues to grow.”

In her off time, you can find Tiffany using technology to keep up with the latest styles and trends by following inStyle’s latest twitter feed. She loves to read the tips and trends and integrate them into her outfits.

If you want to know more about Tiffany or getting a kick ass ISP, you can look her up at or through her twitter. Her handle is @tiffanydlawson.