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"Femme Fashion Tech" by Alison Lewis

Alison Lewis from IHeartSwitch publishes "Femme Fashion Tech," which discusses the draw of women to the fashionable technology world. The article can be found in this issue of ANAT's (Australian Network for Art and Technology) Filter magazine entitled CODING CLOTH.

The CODING CLOTH issue delves into the topics of textiles and electronics and dares to ask, 'what is the future of wearable technologies'? The journal is part of a larger exhibition of interactive textiles on display at ANAT called Coded Cloth, New Media Textile.

"The exhibition presents elegantly designed ‘reactive’ furniture by Elliat Rich, whose thermo chromatic Yala flowers printed on the sofa, remain invisible until body heat activates the ink – and the flowers appear (just as the Yala plants bloom after life-giving desert rains). Donna Franklin’s ‘living garment’ is a dress that you grow – made from the beautiful Australian orange bracket fungi. Fashion designers, High Tea With Mrs Woo, create the ultimate travel wear – with inbuilt heating circuits; while Alyce Santoro presents fabric woven from recycled audiocassette tapes." You can find out more about the exhibition here:

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