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DIY Lighted Doggie Coat for the Fashionable Pup

This summer I met and talked with fellow dog lover, Cali Lewis of Geek for MyHome2.0. Cali has a sweet little pet Chihuahua named Sydney, and I made her a stylish fiber-optic doggie coat with a sparkling bone design. Below I've put together some instructions to compliment the DIY web episode on MyHome 2.0so you can make one for your little pooch!

Before starting:
1. Take a look at the Doggie Circuit Drawing:
2. Watch the video

How 2.0: Fiber-Optic Doggy Coat from My Home 2.0 DIY
3. Purchase supplies
4. Download the doggie bone template here:

STEP 1: Take apart the fiber-optic accessory, make sure to save the battery holder and try to save the LED if you can.

STEP 2: Cut the fiber-optics near the base of the toy. Try to get long strands.

STEP 3:Cut a 3" length of heat shrink tubing and wrap it around the LED. Leave about 1 1/2" of tube off the end of the LED and carefully use a heat gun to secure the tubing around the base of the LED.

STEP 4: STEP 4: Use glue to make the ends of the fiber-optics sticky. Then stuff the fiber-optics into the tube. Make sure the fiber-optic ends are right up against the top of the LED.

STEP 5: Now, use the heat gun to shrink the tubing around the fiber-optics. Do this in a slow motion and take your time. DO NOT overheat the fiber-optics because they will melt. If one melts, that is OK, just continue and then cut it way from the rest. You can wrap the fibers with electrical tape for extra security if you like. Test to make sure they do not pull out.

STEP 6: Test the circuit by placing your battery in-between the corresponding legs of the LED.

STEP 7: Using needle nose pliers, twist the legs of the LED outward in a spiral. Fold the legs of the battery holder horizontal and solder the male snaps to the battery

STEP 8: Figure out the best location for the battery, fiber-optic cluster, and bone template. Make sure to keep the fiber-optics far enough away from the template so that the strands can lay fairly flat. The fiber-optic strands can break easily if bent too far. Place the fiber-optic bundle you made on the inside of the coat (between the lining and the outside).

STEP 9: Using a separate conductive thread for each LED leg, follow the diagram, and sew on the fiber-optic cluster. This is done by wrapping the thread around the legs a few times and then sewing a length of thread down the inside seam and then attaching it to one of the female sew-on snaps. Do the same for the other LED leg. Using a felt tipped pin mark the power + and ground - next to the corresponding snaps. Snap in your battery to test.

STEP 10:
Using a speeder beader and the template as a guide, pull a strand of fiber-optics all the way through the outside of the doggie coat.
(TIP: This may take a few hours, so turn on the TV and relax as you sew)

STEP 11: Use hot glue to seal and secure the fiber-optics to the inside of the coat. Use the glue sparingly so as not to crinkle or damage the fabric.

FINISH: Once all the threads are through, snip them with scissors leaving a small (1 -2 mm) piece above the fabric. Snap in your battery and your doggie is ready for the runway!