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Next Monday, I will be showing Martha Stewart, the mother of all craft, how to make a light up porcupine costume for her Halloween Petacular! Isaac Mizrahi is also on the show and he says "These costumes are so Paris couture like Alexander McQueen!"


You  can preview the show online here.

Monday, October 26th on NBC
Get your local show times on the Martha Stewart Site here.

[From left to right: getting ready for the show, prepping with the craft stylists, me enjoying the set all by myself]

The show was tapped on October 7th with an audience full of dogs! It was so much fun. Martha was very professional and excited about the doggie costumes I made for her pups. On the back side, the staff was amazing, talented, kind, thoughtful, and knew exactly what they were doing at all times. They always seemed calm under an immense amount of pressure and tight deadlines. 

[Above: Owners and their dogs before entering the show. Photo courtesy of Julia Howe and Nikki]

Before the show, one of my favorite things was getting to work in Martha's craft room. It was neat even with 10 busy people working on crafts for Halloween shows, magazine shoots, and web projects. I drooled over the organization. Everything was neatly stowed and labeled in clear boxes with white tops and there were four long work tables with storage underneath. What a dream space!  I had everything at my fingertips from jewelry pliers, to hundreds of ribbons in every color, to vases, to fabrics, to stencils, to props, to lights ... and well ANYTHING you ever wanted!

I wish I had taken a million more pictures of the space, but I was so energized with the project I only got a couple of small shots with my iPhone.

[photos of the infamous craft room]

The day of the shoot we did a couple DIY walk throughs in the studio and made sure everything was in order. Then, I did an on-camera run through with her producer.  There was a little hiccup when we realized the dandelion costume was too large for Sharky and the porcupine costume was a bit snug on Francesca. No worries, this is Martha Stewart Land! Aaron and another craft specialist pulled out a sewing machine in the make-up room where I was being primped and the changes were done right on the spot.

After that, you'll have to watch to see what happens!