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Follow Switch on Twitter

Feeling twitterpated over Switch? Just can’t get enough news on the lifestyle for bright minded gals with a creative edge?

Well, now you can now keep up on all the latest and greatest articles, links, press, workshops, and happenings on iHeartSwitch and me, Alison Lewis, through Twitter. We’ve added a module on the homepage to keep up with tweets or you are welcome to give me a follow on Twitter, Twitter name is SwitchGirl.

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Alison and Switch Craft are coming to L.A. May 3 - 5

I am so excited to announce that on May 3rd, I will spend the day with the Girl Scouts of America in Los Angeles, CA.  Senior and Ambassador Girl Scouts will explore fashionable form and function and technology’s role in empowering women to represent their ideals, and will create their own Light Up Aromatherapy Drawer Sachet, from Switch Craft.

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Alison Presenting at Dorkbot Austin Tonight

If you are in the Austin area and also a fan of electronic art, design, and music, don't miss the Dorkbot Austin meeting tonight. Alison and 15 other presenters will showcase their works in a night of electronic fun.

Saturday March 14, 2009
6:00pm - 8:00pm
Brush Square Park 5th and Neches Austin, Texas

More info here.

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Alison at SXSW

IHeartSwitch Gets a Makeover!

Starting today's website has a totally new look and interface. Why? Well, because we have so much to give, we needed a website that could hold it all!


What's changed, you ask?

- Fresher look! We went with an open design with less graphics so you can have and see all the information you need, like the latest projects and announcements just a click away.

- New Content! We will now cover a wider range of technological topics including beauty, home, life and style, and pop culture.

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"Femme Fashion Tech" by Alison Lewis

Alison Lewis from IHeartSwitch publishes "Femme Fashion Tech," which discusses the draw of women to the fashionable technology world. The article can be found in this issue of ANAT's (Australian Network for Art and Technology) Filter magazine entitled CODING CLOTH.

The CODING CLOTH issue delves into the topics of textiles and electronics and dares to ask, 'what is the future of wearable technologies'? The journal is part of a larger exhibition of interactive textiles on display at ANAT called Coded Cloth, New Media Textile.

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Beauty and blogger Lauren Miller, from

I believe healthy hair and skin is the cornerstone to living and
looking beautiful. I find when my hair and skin are in balance I not
only look better but feel better as well. I am continually seeking out
a new moisturizer or a conditioner that will give my hair an
illustrious shine. I am fascinated how technologically advanced the
beauty industry has become. In response to this trend, we have decided
that Iheartswitch will begin taking a more in-depth look at all our
favorite things beauty related.

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Three Tweets for Twittering Teddy!!!

Guru Lloyd and I, from MyHome2.0, performed hours of exhausting surgery on an old teddy bear to bring you the Twittering Teddy! We converted your favorite friend into an animatronic bear that reads and speaks all your Twitter messages. Creepy? No... its CUTE!

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