About Switch

Technology + Life + Style

Switch is a technology life & style blog, which showcases innovative design, fashion and topics from a female perspective. Switch is not just another tech blog about gadgets or digital design, but rather a social look at technology through the genres of fashion, beauty, design and craft. Switch contains interviews with designers from the beauty, fashion, and craft industries, DIY projects for making your own technological creations, and links to articles in popular culture that relate to the needs and desires of women. Each post is designed to enlighten and inspire viewers to take a new look at the world around them and see where technology fits into their lives. Soon, Switch will also have an online forum for exchanging ideas, designs, and updates. This will also be a constant resource for materials and updates for the projects from the web and the book, Switch Craft.

Editor & Producer

Alison Lewis

Alison is a designer with a passion for fashion, beauty and the digital lifestyle. She holds a graduate degree from Parsons School of Design where she teaches fashion technology and fashion communication. As the electronic and media specialist at Art Guild Inc., she integrates movement, sound, and light into museum and exhibit design. In her spare time, when Alison isn’t exploring New York City boutiques, she is the techno-fashionista guru for Verizon FiOS’s television show MyHome2.0.


Fang-Yu Lin

Born in Taiwan, Fang-Yu is a New York-based user experience designer and information architect. As a new media artist, his artworks have been exhibited internationally. He also co-authored Switch Craft with Alison.

Lauren Miller

Beginning with her internship at Smartgirl Internette, a startup focused on encouraging girls to become involved with computers, Lauren's career has been focused on the role of gender in technology. With a B.A. in Women's Studies from New York University and an M.F.A from Parsons School of Design, she continually struggles with definitions of beauty and womanhood in the age of the virtual self. Currently working for leading beauty retailer Sephora, Lauren loves exploring her current home town of San Francisco and finding the beautiful in daily life.