The Next Black - A Film About the Future of Fashion

The Next Black' is a documentary film that explores the future of clothing. Watch as we meet with some of the most innovative companies on the planet to get their opinion on clothing and its future, including: heroes of sustainability, Patagonia; tech-clothing giants, Studio XO; sportswear icon, adidas; and Biocouture, a consultancy exploring living organisms to grow clothing and accessories.

Learn more about the project:


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Lab 1.0 Fashion Innovation Event Tonight!

Switch Embassy will be part of the Lab 1.0 innovation event by Panasonic today. As part of the event, I (Alison Lewis) will be live on stage inventing on the fly with Bill Webb from Huge design.

The challenge is to come up with a wearable design of a secret object only revealed on stage. While the majority of the event is focused on wearables in the workplace, I plan to represent identity, discovery, emotional connection and fashion. Can't wait! 

Here is the event link and details:
February 24, 2015
PCH/Highway 1
135 Mississippi St.
San Francisco, CA

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Rings that Vibrate and Bling - RINGLY

Welcome to 2015. This is the 10 year anniversary of and it is befitting to start with a post about wireless connected rings. The connected ring was the first thing I ever concepted back at Parsons, but it was just a dream and a hacked together RF radio design.

Now, in 2015, we have Ringly, a line of metal and stone rings that are elegant fashion jewelry, and much more. The Bluetooth connected rings vibrate and light up to notifications from your mobile phone. 

I got my ring before Christmas as a present to myself. When it arrived, the experience was like getting a gift. The product was wrapped nicely and I had to unfold the paper and open it up. Then, I pulled out a black jewelry box to see my little Ringly looking back at me. I purchased the Emerald and Gold one with a little diamond on the side. 

The jewelry box that holds the ring is actually its charger, so you don't have to figure out how to charge a tiny ring. You plug it into USB and there are two discrete metal prongs that connect the ring to the charger. It looks like a normal jewelry box. I especially adored the hand signed letter from the CEO, Christina Mercado and the gold plated metal on the USB charger. Nice touches. 

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Renewing My Passion with iheartswitch

Dear Switch Readers,

When Switch started in 2005, the premise was to inspire women and girls to work with technology and give a voice to those who are changing the way we live, work, and play through unique products and projects with a female focus. Most of the pieces have focused on my love of fashion technology, a.k.a. "wearable technology."  Now, in 2014, you can hardly go a day without a new wearable device popping up on your mobile newsfeed. It's the hottest trend in tech and it's buzzing everywhere from Silicon Valley to Paris, from Intel to Ralph Lauren.  

While all the "buzz" was going on, I started a fashion technology company, Switch Embassy. I’ve been deep in the throes of the daily entrepreneurial grind. I let take a backseat and pitching investors or potential clients take over my attention. I have learned so much and it has been somewhat unsatisfying without you, Switch Reader.

What's the point of learning all these amazing things and going through the work and hardship, if I can't share it with others who can learn from it? 

In my race to make the best company and innovative products, I gave up the thing that I love. I had forgotten that my work had any influence and felt lost in the deluge of all the other wearable excitement. For this, I apologize.

I was reminded of my passion to share a number of times, over the past two years. It wasn't until a young woman named Thea Koullias, from Jonlou, approached me at  Wearable World and said to the man I was talking to, "Don't know you know who this is? Alison, I've read all your blogs and watched your videos! You're one of the reasons you got into this [fashion technology]."

I was humbled.

Today, I hope you will welcome back spontanous blog posts from On top of the wearable technology and passion projects, I will share the ups and downs of starting a company as a “designy" woman in a very "techy," male-dominated world. 

All my Love,


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Barbie Lights up the Toy Fair in LED Dress

The Barbie Digital Dress Doll hit the New York Toy Fair last week and my inbox and Facebook went wild with excitement and sharing. 

The dress is black with the latest touch-screen technology that allows girls to create and select their own animated digital designs to appear on her dress.

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MIDI Controller Jackets Joystick Hoodies

New Venture: Agent of Presence

You my have noticed I've have not been posting regularly on iHeartSwitch for some time now. While iHeartSwitch is still my baby, I've been nurturing another venture.  

Now, for the first time in over a year, I can share it with you. 

The company is Agent of Presence and we create high-end fashion accessories infused with technology. 

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ELLE Magazine's Solar Bag Project

photo: Rogan bag taken Len Lagrua

I was searching through my favorite fashion technology blogs and found some designer solar bags way back in 2010. Elle Magazine teamed up with designers such as Tommy Hilfiger, Rogan, Loomstate, and Vena Cava to create ELLE/Portable Light Project bags. The bags are to were auctioned off on Ebay to support the Portable Light Project. Most looked amazing, some were just technology stuck to an old bag design, like DVF. My favorite is the one above by Rogan. 

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DVF and Google Glass - It's not about the glasses

The thing about fashion and technology is that it isn't about the technology at all. It is about sharing, augmenting, and expressing who we are as human beings. Technology is a tool, albeit sometimes a powerful tool, but it is not a replacement for what is in our hearts and what we desire. 

So when Diane Von Furstenberg put Google Glasses on her team and models this year, this was something I had to see.  I'll be the first to admit, I was skeptical seeing Google Glass on the runway. The glasses look frumpy and cold. But, a look past the ugly frames of technology and you can find inspiration. Watch below. 

‎"When I was younger, I didn't know what I wanted to do, except the woman I wanted to be. I wanted to be on the go, and to be able to pay my own bills and I so much wanted to be independent. My goal in life is to tell every girl, every woman, that they can be the woman they want to be" - Diana Von Furstenberg.

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Heartbeat Dress at Studio64!

I am showcasing the Presence of Heart Dress for Studio64, a San Francisco Fashion Technology Event at Club Temple. If you can't make it, please be sure to check out the beauitful photos of the dress by Wonwoo Lee the heartbeat dress site:

Event Information: 


Wednesday, September 26, 2012 from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM (PDT)

San Francisco, CA

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